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Autism is one of the fastest growing childhood disorders in the US, affecting 1 in 68 individuals. In addition to cognitive and behavioral challenges, individuals with autism commonly have multiple underlying health and medical conditions, as listed above. These conditions warrant specific identification and intervention to support health and functionality. If your child suffers from any of the associated conditions, please click on each to learn more and view products that may support their health.

Autism SummaryClick here to read our full Autism Summary, which provides critical and actionable information about autism and its underlying medical conditions.

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Digestive Health  - Protect Package Autism Gut Support Package 2: Remove Autism Gut Support Package 3: Repair
Autism Gut Support Package 4: Biofilm Autism Gut Support Package 5: Digestion Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil
Barlean's - Total Omega Swirl 3-6-9 Supplement Orange Cream flavor (16 oz) Barlean's Ultra High Potency Omega Swirl Fish Oil Bio-Botanical Research Inc. - Biocidin® Advanced Formula Liquid
Bio-Botanical Research Inc. - G.I. Detox Bio-Botanical Research Inc. - Olivirex® BIORAY - Liver Life (Organic) 2 oz.
BIORAY - Liver Life (Organic) 4 oz. BIORAY - NDF Plus® (Organic) 1 oz. BIORAY - NDF Plus (Organic) 4 oz.
Detox Package 3 - Optimal Liver Support Detox Package 4 - Heavy Metal and Cellular Detox Immune Defense - Barrier Protect Package
Immune Defense - Cellular Protect Package Klaire Labs - Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid Klaire Labs - Galactomune
Klaire Labs - LactoPrime Plus Klaire Labs - Multi-Element Buffered-C Klaire Labs - P-5-P
Klaire Labs - P-5-P
Our Price: $19.50
Klaire Labs - Saccharomyces Boulardii Klaire Labs  Ther-Biotic Complete Capsules Klaire Labs - Ther-Biotic® Complete Powder
Klaire Labs - VitaSpectrum Methylation and Transulfuration Package MIGHTY Mitochondrial Package
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