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Gastric/Stomach Secretions Leaky Gut
It is well known that gut-related disturbances are very common in approximately 90% of individuals with autism, and therefore if the gut is not functioning optimally, then perhaps neither will the brain. We know that the majority of toxins we are exposed to are absorbed by the gut and taken into our blood system and circulated around the body. Everything that is absorbed across the gut membrane is taken to the liver for detoxification. Many individuals with autism have liver stress and an inability to get rid of toxins, due to low levels of glutathione and deficiencies in nutrients that support toxic elimination.

These issues are not to be taken for granted or rationalized as ‘part of the condition’; they are symptoms of an underlying serious health condition that may be exacerbating the symptoms of your child’s autism, and could even have caused or triggered it. Click here to continue reading Autism And The Gut. - our full article which contains all of the nutrition, lifestyle, and toxin avoidance tips you need to accompany our nutritional supplement packages.

Practitioner Select has formulated highly specialized Gut support packages with a number of specialist products designed to synergistically work together to provide optimal results.
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