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Our wonderful immune system has the ability to protect us from nasty germs including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Our immune system’s first line of defense are the wet surface membranes found in our gut, nasal passages, sinuses and inner ear. These membranes are protected by an immunoglobulin (or antibody) called Secretory IgA, which represents 80% of our total immune system. If our wet membrane barrier protection becomes weakened as a result of low secretory IgA, our defense system will be down and the chance of getting sick will increase dramatically.

When pathogens (bugs and germs) penetrate our wet membranes,(the first line of defense) they invade our blood and lymphatic systems. These pathogens, whether bacteria, parasite, virus, fungi or even a food or environmental allergen, initiate a response from our cellular immune system, made up of an “army” of white blood cells. When we are invaded, our white cells rush to the rescue to kill unwanted guests that cause illness and disease.

We have selected a broad range of products to support your external wet membrane barrier protection via enhanced secretory IgA production, and to support and enhance immune cell production and activation when germs attack.

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