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The gut is a structure with the fastest cell turnover of any organ in the body. The cells of the gut wall need constant fuel and the two most important fuels are glutamine, an amino acid derived from the digestion of protein to support the small intestinal cells and butyrate, a short chain fatty acids derived from the fermentation of soluble fiber, to support the cells of the large intestine. Inulin, glucosamine, omega 3 essential fatty acids and zinc, vitamins A, E and C are also supportive nutrients.

Only once the gut lining has been repaired can it function optimally. Closing the junctions between the cells reduces intestinal permeability, reducing inflammation caused by poor foods especially gluten can assist and supporting the growth of the villi (finger like projections in the small intestine) will maximize nutrient absorption.

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Autism Gut Support Package 3: Repair
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