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Your baby's health and development take shape even before conception and there is growing evidence that suggests parents' nutrient deficiencies, poor lifestyle choices and exposure to toxins can jeopardize the future health of their developing baby. Incidences of Childhood asthma, autism, severe food allergies and learning disorders are approaching pandemic levels. With that said, six months before conception is the ideal time for both Mom2B and Dad2B to adopt a healthy diet, supportive lifestyle and low toxic load to help create an ideal prenatal environment for baby. Our Preconception packages were designed to help Mom2B and Dad2B detox and support their overall health.

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DAD2B Fertility Package DAD2B Daily - Preconception Package MOM2B Fertility Package
DAD2B - Fertility Package
Our Price: $199.95
MOM2B - Fertility Package
Our Price: $129.95
Mom2b Basic Bundle - Key Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy MOM2B Daily - GI and Detox Package ProThera - Eicosamax
ProThera - Eicosamax Liquid
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